How much other bloggers earn? Or how long do they work?

How much other bloggers earn? Or how long do they work?

By M.Dan | 9 min read

Many bloggers ask themselves,

"OK, but how much other bloggers earn? And how long do they work? ".

This is really a great question, especially since we have a few statistics available.

So I contacted several bloggers I'm in touch with, asking them what turnover they earn each month from their blogs and how much time they work there each week.


From our research, the average time is 5.15 hours per week, the time to write articles, adding other necessary activities such as responses to comments, blog advertising, the average is less than 10 hours per week.


Now let's see how much bloggers get for their work


I will show you some responses from other bloggers

Cate F.: 18,000 $ per month, 15 hours per week

Niche: Internet Marketing

Created Date: August 21, 2016


  • different tasks depending on my current list: about 1 to 2 hours
  • replies to emails + social networks and comments: around 30 minutes
  • I write or work on my videos: 1 hour, on average, 
  • I have to work on the blog about fifteen hours a week.
  • I'm not working on the weekend.

The rest of the time, I read and take notes. In fact, I spend most of my time with it.

I have strict rules, without which I would work three times more:

No instant messaging, neither on Facebook, nor on Gmail, nor elsewhere (except Skype with family and friends), no phone (except relatives and friends outside the workplace). Everything is solved by e-mail.

I do not remain connected non-stop to emails and social networks. I consult them once I have finished my to-do list and once in the evening (it varies sometimes, but I try to comply). - I empty the boxes and leave.


Leo D.: over 600 $ (600 last month, 700 I think this month)

Niche: Tech

Created Date: January 2018


  • 4 hours of work per week
  • advertising partnerships
  • sponsored articles
  • a small membership (less than 10%)
  • without ads (at least for now)
  • no product (but it is planned!)


Carrie M.: 1,100 $ per month, 8 hours of work per week

Niche: Business Blog (10,000 visits/month):

Created Date: 2017


  • Time spent per week = 8 hours
  • Monthly income through my products: 300 $
  • Monthly income through the affiliation of other digital products: 650 $
  • Adsense advertising revenue and other physical product affiliations: 150 $


Yash C.: between 8000 and 12000 $ per month, 20 hours of work per week

Domain: Relationship

Created Date: December 2014


Mickey A.: 7,000 $ per month, 35 hours a week

Domain: Internet marketing and entrepreneurship

Created Date: December 2015


As we can see, the turnover generated by bloggers in this article is highly variable.

However, there are some important features:

  • Their main blog requires only part-time work.
  • They sell products on their blog and this is the main source of their income.
  • Considering the time they spend on their blog, the turnover is quite interesting, even if it is an extra income. Most of them chose to use their time available to start on other projects (most often other blogs).
  • Nearly everyone has started their blog part-time, along with another activity, and this blog offers them exceptional geographical freedom


For this year, the most relevant niches to start a blog can be


1. Digital Marketing Blog

One of the most popular professions in this modern world is digital marketing.

There has been a massive increase in employment opportunities in this area.

With the advancement of technology, the digital space has grown rapidly.

Digital marketing is one of the niche blogs on demand.

Look in this Google Trends statistics

Digital Marketing Trends


Many people seek to hone their digital marketing expertise by relying on traditional marketing approaches.

Companies are now striving to refresh their online presence and make the most of their range of offers.

Digital marketing includes all the marketing done through the website, search engines, social media, mobile applications, etc.

You can create a blog on sub-niches, such as social media marketing, web design, web optimization, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc.


2. The technical blog

Technology is a topic that grows every day.

People are looking for updates on daily launch and technological changes.

Technology has positively transformed the face of professionalism.

It has become one of the most popular blogs.

If you are passionate about the latest gadgets and exploring the latest technologies, you should create a technology blog.

One of the major benefits of selecting technology over other top blogging niches is that it is a large domain.

Since the technology field has a wide variety of topics, you will have a number of sub-niches for publishing content.

Reviews of the latest products are in high demand, as viewers tend to gain more product knowledge.


3. Blog finance and investment

This area is constantly evolving as there are many ways to make money and nobody has explored all the options available.

This is one of the niches of the blog that requires more in-depth research and offers more options for investing.

Knowing your personal finances, the stock market, the foreign exchange market, etc. can be a boon for your blog.

Helping people save and multiply their money can be beneficial to you and your blog.

Creating a blog that compares and examines different currencies and software can increase your traffic.

The analysis of derivatives and stock exchanges are influential topics that are very popular with readers.


Other interesting niches are:

Fashion blog (fashion blog is one of those blog niches that will never go out of trend).

Travel Blog (It has the most interesting blog niches because travel is a fantasy for most people today.)

Film and Music Blog (In today's busy world of modern-day, movies and music provide relaxation.)

Health Blog (The health and fitness industry has diversified its activities since the growth of the Internet and is looking for ways to reach and communicate online with its audience.)

Blog News (News is a never-ending topic and so the content is missing.)

Culinary blog (Creating a culinary blog is a fun task for someone who is passionate about food.

Personal Development Blog (People seem to grow and become better in all aspects of life.)


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