Freelance Kanban Chart - Learn Kanban - Tutorial

We'll show how to build and what you'll want to put on that board to help you to manage your work. Each column on the kanban board has a work in progress limit related to the team's capacity.  

Kanban is one very popular way that pro freelancers get work done but how does it work?

The goal of kanban is to identify potential bottlenecks in your process and fix them so work can flow through it cost-effectively at optimal speed or throughput...

Kanban is a work management system designed to help you visualize your work limit work in progress (WIP)  and maximize efficiency.  

To have access to our Kanban Flow dashboard you need to have:

1. An active account. It's FREE;

2. You must add a client or more in the CRM;

3. Create a project for a client or simply fill in the client your own name;

4. Go to Task section where will see the option for  Kanban Chart Overview;

5. Create as many states/statuses you need for your project;

6. Add as many tasks you want/need;

7. Change the tasks statuses by drag and drog in another state column;

8. Add comments, attach files and many more useful functionalities

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