How To Earn Real Money By Writing? Become a writer

How To Earn Real Money By Writing? Become a writer

By M.Dan | 12 min read

We are aware that, in this situation, incomes in certain corners of the world are not brilliant, there are rarely a few cities that have a stable market for jobs and wages almost like in developed countries.

In addition, it is difficult for students, but also for those seeking additional employment to compensate for their income, thereby earning a decent living.

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about the ideal workplace, how to make money at home, work on the internet, how to make money by writing. There are even entrepreneurs who promise to teach these things to others, but most of them take money from their customers, selling them illusions about how to make money.

The theory is good, but the practice puts the world in "bankruptcy". So people interested in making real money by writing, we don't know how much they need too much theory, workshops, courses, professional development books and who knows what other materials that don't only take time to take action, but it leaves people without the money they will most likely need to invest in their dreams. It is not bad to read on the way to write, but select the materials carefully because many fields are beaten. Whether it's just the desire to make money or just the desire to make a living, we suggest that you focus on something more profitable.


Can I earn real money by writing?

Yes! But it is not that simple. A clear vision is necessary for the start.

Writing, whether or not it is considered work, should be treated this way, as long as the expectations are financial. So for this job you need a skilled craftsman. Because a good job is one that is sought after. But this does not only refer to the writing from point to point of all kinds of parables but to the ability to write coherent, logical, compelling, captivating and beautifully stylized texts for the consumer.



In order to be sure of a correct written text, we recommend books and manuals that deal with the grammar of the respective language, which allow you to enrich your linguistic background and keep you abreast of changes in the language.

We consider this step a bit ... mandatory, first of all. It is only after taking this step (which in our opinion is often overlooked) that you can define the desired writing style.



Types of writers: What do you want to write to make money?



Do you want to make money by selling your books? Perhaps you already have a few pages of written journal or poetry, you can activate it in an area where you have enough experience to write a book. Well, that determines whether you write fiction, non-fiction, or both. Finish writing the book in an electronic document, read it and reread it. Right now you have a manuscript.

What you should know: The book is difficult to sell, poetry the same, beginners are ignored. And the icing on the cake: a book is not written for money, but for value. The subject must be of interest and interest to send it to an editorial.

Publishers publish a book in two ways:

  •  on your money
  •  or on their money.


"Self-publishing" publishers are companies that provide editorial services for a fee without being involved in the post-editing process. At this point, you will discover that you must also become a sales agent.

Large publishers often follow translations, writers already known (or known) and beginners must submit an impeccable manuscript to be published. It is very difficult, it is not impossible, but it is a dream that we recommend that you pursue.

There is another option, which is to publish yourself. It is not only difficult, but it also involves your own investments and a guarantee that you will be able to sell the book for profit. And you need to be assured that the publishing services provided by the publisher can control them as well, if not better.

If you need someone to review your manuscript before you publish it or send it to the publisher - find a specialist to provide advice, proofreading, review, and everything you need to transform your manuscript into a good copy. The same goes for promotion.


Editor of publications

There are, of course, several types of publications that engage or collaborate with freelance writers for various texts, as follows.

Magazines looking for unique articles in the fields of tourism, health, fashion, etc. But most of them already have a basic editorial team, and when they are looking to increase their team ... they need experienced people.

Examine what area you are best at and what you could write as well as documented and start writing articles that you can send for free for the start, but you will have what to put on your CV/portfolio. There may also be trade magazines that buy an article (pre-ordered), but most - if they accept the publication - do not reward financially, many refusing and already having people on the button.



In the above case and in this case, the situation is pretty much the same and sometimes even if you have studied journalism, your doors will not open easily. But it's worth a try so that if there are provisions for unpaid practice, the doors will finally start to open. Also, try to consider the local press.


Social media writer

There are companies that need manuals to write product presentations/descriptions that you will use on social media. But you will have the function of "copywriter" and you will have to have the experience of producing texts/advertisements for sale. You will also write blog articles, newsletters, emails and posts for Facebook and everything the business needs. Or, of course, if you have public speaking skills, you will have passed the "PR" function on the badge.


Content Marketing Writer

One way or another, the trades are intertwined and it is recommended that you know them a little, because in the job description, it is impossible not to have tasks that have no connection with the definition of the merchant. In theory, you should write articles/warnings for a corporate blog or corporate clients (advertising agency). These articles must be written in accordance with the plan/structure imposed by the client to align with the voice of the respective brand. In some cases, the author's name may not be recognized. But if that's okay with you ...



There are stars or people with different functions who need to publish a book for various reasons (to increase their credibility in the business environment, to sell the book, to give the e-book for free - in gift) - existing customers, publicize their biography, etc.) and seek out publishers to help them write their book. It is their book that you are writing. In some cases, you may have passed as an editor, in others not.



This involves having a blog to write and attracting companies to pay you for the advertisements you display on the pages.

Blogging can be a hobby, but also a source of income. If you write well and regularly, if you manage to attract a large audience, if you become friends with agencies and brands, you can earn money through the blog. Of course, all of these "ifs" take time and effort. You have to make sure that the blog brings something more to the market, publish frequently and be patient.

Some want to send visitors, others will buy and they will reward you financially. Ideally, the payment is for text advertising or product review, but most buy traffic.



There are many freelance sites where you can find writing jobs of all kinds: web content, articles, writing, academic articles, press releases, etc. As a freelancer, you usually do a little bit of everything because you have clients with different needs. It can be overwhelming at first, but you learn quickly and if you are serious, you can make decent profits.

There are, of course, many types of trades that can be practised to make money by writing, but these are the most popular. And, if you have read so far, you have understood more than sure that it is not enough to write, in some cases you need to know how to sell your texts/books, and in others to introduce yourself with experience and many others. recommendations. So it's good to have a lot of marketing and journalism basics to get started.


How do you find connecting people?

Most have their own sites. Businesses can search for them using platforms where available jobs are featured, newspapers and magazines can be found in profile stands, supermarkets, bookstores, etc. - celebrities usually use intermediary platforms between employers and freelancers, and publishers are at book fairs or just search the internet.


How not to get angry and write for free?

Check the market. Find out the real costs of creating and publishing a document. Evaluate your work. You will be surprised to find that a speciality item costs $ 20 and is purchased for $ 6. The news was paid for $ 2. In good times, 100 persuasive words sold for $ 1. The market is constantly changing and everything is being negotiated.

Find out which company you will be dealing with. Many will attract intermediate platforms to Skype or Messenger to get rid of commissions, but you will find yourself in a risky environment. Many boast and promise a lot, then they become invisible.


How do you earn real money by writing?

If you want to write well, you have to do it often and often. Everyday. You have to read, learn from others, criticize yourself and be very attached to yourself. A grammatical error can ruin an article. A bad title can bury a text. Wrong news can damage the site's reputation. A weak slogan can waste the customer's money. Everyone makes mistakes, but it's important not to repeat them and always ask more of yourself.


If you like to write, it's worth it. You will even receive it with pleasure because it helps you to become better at something that your soul and your intellect bite.


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