Remote Jobs - Learn the easyest way to find them - Tutorial

Getting a remote job. Sounds kind of like a dream right?

The biggest challenge: Finding the right freelance job sites that list remote jobs and identifying the right companies to follow on those sites.

Most job sites don’t have a very good “remote work” filter, which usually results in hours of sifting through freelance jobs and other gigs that might not be the best.

We have created a Jobs Radar for freelancers where you can find easily according to your skills the perfect remote jobs.

Below or in the above video, you will find the steps to get a perfect job searched on a lot of freelance platforms from the internet.

1. First of all, you must be logged/registered;

2. Go in the settings section and fill your skills;

3. Go in the Jobs section where you can find all the remote jobs available at that moment of the internet according to your skills filled in the profile;

4. Don't be afraid to use the filters for accurate results;


Why this is a powerful tool?

Because will give you the results not only from internal clients but also from other big platforms.

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