Are you ready? Marketing Trends for 2020

Are you ready? Marketing Trends for 2020

By M.Dan | 7 min read

Marketing has developed in a few years like other industries out of 10, and one thing is certain, the dynamics of this field do not follow us. On the contrary, whether we are agents, companies or customers, we are obliged to follow a digital environment which constantly sets its own rules.

And what do you do when the internet changes clothes more often than a fashion influencer?

You have two options: adapt on the go or slowly disappear.

If you have chosen to exclude the second option, although this is an inevitable reality for many businesses that overlook the power of the online environment. Instead, team members work to provide high-quality advice and service, in step with digital changes that we cannot avoid or ignore.

Google as well as other giants with whom the agencies work daily, such as Facebook, Hootsuite or YouTube, set the tone in digital marketing each year. And marketers keep their eyes open and the mouse ready to be the first to click, discover, learn and implement new trends, strategies and tools.

In 2020, the agency is preparing for a new wave of behaviour change for businesses in the field, but also for consumers. If you're worried about what's new in digital marketing for the new year, Craft Interactive has put together a list of the most anticipated updates.


Here are 5 trends for 2020:


1. Personal assistants wherever you go

Any active smartphone, smartwatch, laptop or Google Home user has had at least one chat with their device so far. As strange as it may seem, it happens more often than expected.

Therefore, it is expected that in 2020 artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in our lives. For example, voice search should account for up to 50% of all online searches. In other words, at home, in the office, in traffic or on the go, you can already take your personal digital assistant with you.

This means that you can request anything at any time. And this year's statistics show that the word most used in research is how, followed by what and the best. So people are looking for the best thing and the best information.

How important is all of this for your business? Well, voice search is changing SEO strategies, which need to be adapted to a new dynamic and a new set of phrases used by search engines to stay among the best in the industry. The more you update the SEO, the more the personal assistants AI will provide precise answers on your business.


2. The power of content in 2020

To get started, marketers recommend that you check to see if your site is up to date. Voice search is not only characteristic of the new behaviour of online consumers, but also of the lack of time and patience to search among the thousands of search results displayed.

In addition, people are now easily distracted by advertisements, the first options that Google displays, even by more attractive external factors. You need content to the data, diverse and interactive.

Did you know that 38% of Internet users refuse to interact with a site if they do not find useful information or encounter an unfriendly layout? If you've made sure that the speed and appearance of your page look and works perfectly, all you have to do is make sure you post quality and ingenious content.

P.S .: Remember that video material remains at the top of Internet users' preferences in 2020.


3. Hyper-targeting

With unstoppable competition, with promotion and sales options that weren't even seen more than 5 years ago, the line now offers awesome possibilities for marketers and businesses, both in social media and via Google Ads or newsletter campaigns.

If you already know what it is, the next step is to get to know your target group better and define a profile. Using these features, you can start hyper-targeting, which is more precise and precise than online targeting so far.

In 2020, given the online dynamic, it is necessary to directly reach the people to whom your products/services are addressed, otherwise, you risk getting lost in the sea of ​​companies that promote themselves online and are successful. That's why you need hyper-targeted ads and nothing less. Craft Interactive explains the steps you can take to get the best results on Facebook or Google Ads from a digital marketing agency.


4. The man behind the technology

Technological developments do not imply the disappearance of the human component.

Since a robot will really feel human emotions, it will not be able to react to a personalized advertisement which transmits emotions. Personalizing your communication with your target group is now crucial, to ensure that you notice customer choices until 2020.

Whether you send a newsletter, create social media campaigns, edit videos or write articles, speak directly to the public, build loyalty among your community members, send surprise messages to take advantage of it. In other words, your business must be friendly and transparent, to build trust in the most direct relationship with your current or potential customer.


5. Chatbots

The future is here, just like chatbots! In 2020, companies rely on virtual robots to streamline online interaction with customers.

Benefits? Chatbots do not pay monthly fees, they do not leave their virtual mailbox, they always interact with friends who are interested in products and services and are constantly learning new things themselves. Plus, it gives you enough time to deal with other important aspects of the business.

Chatbots are an indicator of the efficiency and quality of services, which propel your business in future (current) technology, but also in consumer preferences.


Finally, it is clear that 2020 will offer a new technological dimension to the marketing of people and businesses.

Craft Interactive is about to update its practices, how are you preparing for the new year?

If you need little tips, advice or concrete plans for the future, write them down!


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