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Are you a freelancer at the beginning of your career or do you want to start such an activity?

Or maybe you try to find Freelance Services for your business? 

For that you need a tool for monitoring, finding or post remote-jobs, create teams, send quotes, send/sign contracts, manage activities, track time activity, billing activity, file storage space and the most important a person to guide you to make the right decision.

Atomyo has the right tools and experience for an easy upsurge.

Our scope is to help the new freelancing generation to connect each other and build together increasingly complex projects and predict their success and profitability.

This is only the beginning of our story and we plan to involve also you in this helpful process.

Starting from monitoring all the new remote jobs from the market and up to automatically billing, Atomyo will take care about:

1. Many tips to improve the business according to your activity recorded YO Algorithms;

2. Create an interesting portfolio to impress your feature clients;

3. Centralized jobs from all big platforms, filtered according to your skills filled in your profile;

4. For in house projects you can easily send quotes using dedicated templates;

5. Our Yo Ecosystem will be a good friend when start to estimate the time on projects and tasks;

6. You have the possibility to generate a contract for your client using one of our templates;

7. You can use our digital signature system or choose the classical one;

8. Take a progress overview above your projects;

9. All your tasks can be easily managed using Gantt or Kanban charts;

10. For accurate time tracking, we come with a desktop application for Mac OS and Windows systems;

11. The invoices can be generated for single or multilingual formats, manually or programmatically;

12. All your files can be easily stored and managed in a dedicated file system;

13. You will find the right tools and resources to boost your Social Media Accounts;

14. For beginners, we have a dedicated section with mini-jobs;

15. Our SEO Writing Assistant will guide on creating a perfect SEO blog post content.


We are working intensively on improving the above modules and implementing new ones.

Our scopes are the predictions like freelancer learning curve, automated time estimation on tasks, business sustainability, driving in growing your business.


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