Top five Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

Top five Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

By M.Dan | 4 min read

We are keen to know which freelance jobs are the highest paid and how lucrative they are. A lot was put into creating this list, and I have to tell you before we move o that these are not your regular everyday freelance jobs. The 'gig economy' is on the rise, and it is driven by changing business needs, globalization, and coming to the reality that you don't have to be in an office to be productive. So which freelancing jobs are the highest paid? What are the most in-demand skills in the ‘gig economy’?

  1. Legal Aid

A lot of lawyers and legal service experts now stand on their own to make more earnings and excuse themselves from third parties. To be a legal adviser or provide legal aid, unlike web development and the rest, is not something you can learn on the internet by watching a couple of videos. Legal advisers are specialists and earn around $120 - $255 per hour.

  1. Programming 

Programming gigs, especially software and mobile app development, is one of the highest paying freelance jobs. Programming is a skill that is not easy to be a pro in, so there are few excellent coders in the freelance market, making the demand for them pretty high. If you want to make a lot of money in the freelance market, you should learn to code and be very good at it. If your skills are trustworthy, especially in programming languages like iOS and WebGL, then you will be hot in the industry. Programmers charge around $150 per hour.


  1. Graphic Designers

Upwork ranked graphic designers at number 2 on the most in-demand skills list. Graphic designers are in high demand because of the majority of business coming up these days, and each of them wanting logo designs, icon designs, etc. excellent. Top graphic designers charge around $85 per hour.


  1. Web and Software Development

In this modern gig economy, being a web developer is one of the perfect jobs a person can do to make money online. Web development is no more an arduous task as it was some time ago, with the existence of Wordpress, simvoly, and other website builders; you can build a website in minutes. Although some high demanding web-design jobs require a vast knowledge of codes to create, these top demanding jobs don't come often.


Anyone can learn web design online and shouldn't take too long to get the basics and know how to navigate around website builders. Most organizations don't know about this ad are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get a website. Web developers charge $60 – $70 per hour.



  1. Internet marketing

Internet marketing has grown a lot bigger than it used to be over the years. As a marketer, you construct strategies for brands, manage their social media handles, or utilize them for the duration of the contract. Marketers earn around $52 per hour.

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