Freelance Time Tracking App - How to install and use - Tutorial

AtomyoTracker is a web-based time tracker, compatible also as desktop time tracking software. It is the time tracking software that is truly free, no matter how many projects you have or how big your team is.

AtomyoTracker is primarily a browser application, but you can also install it on Mac OS or Windows systems as an original desktop application to make time tracking more convenient.


How to improve productivity:

You can track how many hours you spend working on projects or tasks in the Mac application, then run reports, manage projects, and view timesheets in the browser version.

When you start working on something, just enter what you are working on and start the stopwatch. When finished, turn off the timer and AtomyoTracker will save you time.

At the end of the day, you can generate a report and look at your business objectively in an easy-to-analyze graph. And at the end of the month, you will be able to analyze each week, identify time leaks and improve efficiency.


AtomyoTracker reports will help you answer:

  • Should I spend too much time on emails?
  • What type of work do I spend most of my time with?
  • How to spend more time on important/profitable tasks?
  • What jobs can I delegate or leave?
  • How long will a new project take, based on past data?


If you can't show your customers where every minute (and their dollar) has gone, you'll be hard-pressed to earn their trust. AtomyoTracker lets you show your customers a detailed breakdown of all of your time so you can bill them more easily.

Whether you have only one assistant or lead a large team, you need to know what your team has been working on and how much.

Invite the whole team to Clockify so they can record the time they spend on tasks, clients and internal projects. Unlike other time trackers, Clockify allows you to have an unlimited number of users.

As your team monitors the weather, you can see what they have been working on and how much in a report. When it comes to payroll, just run the report to see how much you have to pay.


How to manage your team:

  • Find out what your team day looks like and who is working on what
  • See who has the most experience with a project
  • See how long tasks and projects are completed
  • See which activities take the most time


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