Freelancer Portfolio - Professional Details - Tutorial

In this video, we will explain how and why to set Professional Details in your Atomyo Freelancer Profile.

Completing your profile doesn’t just give clients the info they need, it also helps Atomyo match you with more relevant projects and it is required if you want to achieve Rising Talent status. But what does a top-notch profile look like?

Start your profile by choosing work categories that are most relevant to your skillset and set an hourly rate that reflects your skills and experience level. You can search in Atomyo platform to get an idea of what freelancers in similar industries are billing. Then, consider these tips to help enhance your profile and ensure it showcases your experience and expertise in the best light.


Let's start by adding a few relevant skill in your profile by visiting the setting section after login.

1. Login in your account

2. Go to Setting Section

3. Click on Professional Details Tab

4. Fill all required fields:

Skill - fill the skill name;

Experience - select the level of your experience for that skill;

Job Radar - check this if you want to see jobs for this skills in Jobs section;

Notify - check this if you want to receive emails with jobs that match this skill.


You can add as many skills you want




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