What is a Guest Post and why is relevant for your Business

What is a Guest Post and why is relevant for your Business

By M.Dan | 9 min read

It is common for bloggers to accept guest posts, articles are written by other bloggers on your blog, but on topics related to the blog where they will be published. I accept the article to appear on my blog, and the blogger who wrote it will insert it into the article, usually at the end of his brief presentation, with a link to his blog, maybe even a photo.


If you do not know the concept, you should know that guest posts are one of the best ways to get noticed, especially if you know how to write well and have a new blog, because if you play your books properly your articles can appear on well-known blogs, so you practically have access to their audience. However, this depends a lot on how you know how to approach bloggers, to sell them your article.



Guest posts can also be a great way to promote a company or product, especially if you manage to publish blog posts on niche areas in which your business operates.


In an ideal world, the benefits of guest posts would be as follows:

Blogs, where guest posts appear, are quality content.

The authors of the guest posts get more notoriety and, if the guest posts are good and generate interest from the readers, they will benefit from traffic on their website or blog.

Guest post authors benefit from being associated with popular blogs, which matters especially when you have a new blog or want to attract new readers to your blog.

At our guest posts, they did not get much, and I heard several times the idea that guest posts are just exchanges of articles between bloggers who already know each other, between friends, on the principle I help you, you help me. In other words, it goes with the idea that a blogger who writes well, but is not known and has a blog just launched, will not be able to publish guest posts on older blogs, which many readers have, simply because the blogger is not a friend. with well-known bloggers.


To accept a guest post on a blog  you need to accomplish some common conditions:

A guest post to have an interesting topic related to what usually the owner writes on the blog (marketing, social media, PR, internet, technology, personal development),

The article should come from a new angle, with something useful for readers, not just be the same content that is found on the internet everywhere, recycled, with two changed words.

The article should be well structured, without any grammatical errors or beating the plain field.

In short, be an article that offers something useful to readers. I think that is the problem of most bloggers who want to write guest posts and are rejected, do not create quality content, do not work enough for guest posts they will publish on other blogs.


How do you make sure that your guest post will be published

Study carefully the respective blog, the topics covered, the style of the blogger, which are the articles that generate reactions from the readers of that blog. Find a theme that would fit into that blog and write a good, well-documented, well-structured article.

After you have done your job, send an email to the blogger stating that you want to publish a guest post on his blog, possibly giving him the article title and a representative paragraph. No blogger who wants to thank their readers will refuse you if you make a good offer.

Of course, you can choose the topic of the article and submit only a guest post proposal to say what you will write, but believe me, the chances of the blogger accepting the guest post are much higher when you tell the blogger that you have writing a special article for his blog, for his readers, and the article is ready, you can send it immediately for publication. That is the difference between an agnostic proposal and a personalized one.


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