What does Content Marketing mean? 60 ideas and ways to do it

What does Content Marketing mean? 60 ideas and ways to do it

By M.Dan | 7 min read

Content Marketing Becomes the Most Effective Method of Capturing Consumer Attention.

In this context, from the overheated media industry, content marketing is a valve for marketers and consumers.

However, content marketing is not a new concept. The big brands used it long before the appearance of the Internet.


Even though the term was first used in 1996 by John F. Oppedahl according to Wikipedia, the famous company John Deere seems to have been among the first to use a content marketing strategy. Unconsciously in terms of terminology, but extremely well anchored in the needs of the target market at the time. In 1895 he launched the magazine "The Sillon", with the aim of providing valuable information to farmers in terms of increasing the profitability of their work. SEO service providers can use this almost inexhaustible source of ideas to their advantage and their customers.


Let's see what content marketing means?

It "represents a strategic marketing approach, oriented towards the constant creation and distribution of precious and relevant content, in order to capture and retain the attention of a core of consumers, who will eventually buy our products/services."

Content marketing is "a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a target market, usually online, in order to attract as many new customers as possible".

There are two solid yet different definitions. Personally, I prefer the first definition with the mention that I would add the term "online" in the second. We must recognize the importance of the online component in modern marketing and in particular in content marketing strategies.

However, since I think that simply defining the term does not help us understand the concept, I invite you to continue to discover more elements of content marketing.


What goals can we set for a content marketing campaign?

Like any marketing approach, setting up a content marketing campaign should set concrete goals. You can say that most marketing campaigns have goals. And you were right. What campaign is not aimed at capturing the attention of consumers, increasing brand awareness or increasing sales?

But, as we have seen, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of consumers, the generation of qualified leads is very expensive through traditional marketing, customer confidence is an aspect of which many 'companies only dream. Through content marketing, these goals become more tangible, more realistic.


Goals more easily achieved through content marketing:

  • Capturing the attention of the target audience
  • Generation of qualified leads (requests)
  • Increase brand visibility (notoriety)
  • Build a relationship based on trust between the company and consumers
  • Facilitate obtaining quality links for SEO
  • Sales growth


The relationship between content marketing and consumer needs

The consumer is constantly evolving. Her needs too. When Abraham Maslow, a renowned American humanist psychologist, published in 1954 the famous pyramid of needs, people had needs that better corresponded to the first three layers of the pyramid: physiological needs, security needs and needs. love and belonging. Over time, consumers have evolved today and their needs are found in the last two highest positions in the pyramid: the needs related to self-esteem and development.

It is obviously more difficult to meet these complex needs. People have to meet, resonate, be empathetic if you want to make the mark. But how do you get these emotions, these feelings from consumers? how can we get so close to consumers so that we can believe them and turn them into customers?

Anticipate existing needs and first meet the information needs of consumers. Today, more than ever, purchasing decisions are based on information. The information must be concrete, relevant, come from credible sources and last but not least, be sufficient.

The power of content marketing lies precisely in this incredible ability to provide the target audience with this essential information, at different stages of the purchasing process, so that they can make the purchasing decisions that benefit them the most.

With content marketing, companies show they are ready to offer before they ask.


Here is a list of 60 ideas and ways to do content marketing.

Extras: Generating quality content is not the easiest thing. It takes time and resources (of all kinds). I, therefore, recommend that you do not perform this work. The magic effect (conversion) occurs if the content is relevant to the person who consumes it, NOT if it is very quantitative. Basically, make a little content but the quality is better than a lot and stupid.

Have fun!


60 ideas and types of content

  1. Topics "How to" (10 ideas how to ..)
  2. Case Studies
  3. Charts / Charts
  4. Useful applications / tools
  5. Opinions on popular topics
  6. Reports on complex topics
  7. PDF ebooks
  8. Vlogs
  9. Emails / Newsletters
  10. Templates
  11. Illustrations
  12. Questioning
  13. Summary of some books
  14. PowerPoint Presentations (slides)
  15. Reviews
  16. Useful resources
  18. FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  19. Test
  20. Webinars
  21. Podcasts
  22. PDF guides
  23. Photo Collage
  24. Specialized research
  25. Infographic
  26. Press releases
  27. Ask
  28. Interviews
  29. Working procedures
  30. Predictions
  31. Strategies
  32. Before / After material
  33. Memories
  34. Games
  35. Timelines
  36. Issues
  37. Blog articles
  38. Tutorial
  39. Trends
  40. Guest posts
  41. Myths destroyed
  42. Live (Facebook, Youtube)
  43. Survey
  44. Stories from the history of the company
  45. Curiosities
  46. Contests
  47. Best practices
  48. Lists (exactly as it is)
  49. Mini-courses
  50. Experiments
  51. Tips & Tricks
  52. Calculation formulas
  53. Strategy execution flows
  54. Demotion
  55. Calendar
  56. Debates (pro-cons)
  57. News / News
  58. Testimonial
  59. Metaphors
  60. Audio recordings


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