Top Freelance Platform sites and their benefits

Top Freelance Platform sites and their benefits

By M.Dan | 6 min read

The freelance market has grown considerably large in the past few years; a lot of people are starting to see how lucrative the freelance market is and with this delving into remote freelancing jobs.

Building a freelancing career takes time, you need self-investment – take new classes, learn new skills, make connections, and start with a humble pay.

If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer, this article discusses the top freelance platforms and the benefits they offer.

Most of these freelance sites give you contract and quote templates for freelancing jobs.

People per Hour

People per hour is an excellent platform for marketers, SEOs, and software engineers.

People per hour takes charge of everything in the freelancer – client process, ensure everything goes as it should, but only allows fifteen applications before charging a membership fee.

The platform connects businesses to professionals from anywhere in the world, who can work with the utmost flexibility at any time.


A wide range of talents, as you have freelancers globally.

This gives clients more options and allows them to have more engagement ability.

Every freelancer has been rigorously assessed to ensure that they are true professionals.


Flexjob isn’t only for freelance jobs, but for other flexible gigs tailored towards people looking to work remotely.

Jobs you will find here are usually very flexible and have been proven to be scam-free because of the thorough research they do on jobs and new gigs.

It is not free.


It is ad-free and scam-free You can navigate easily through the site and browse for the best jobs


Upwork came to being as a result of a merger between two platforms: oDesk and Elance.

Upwork is the largest freelance platform with over 12million freelancers, 5million clients, and above 3million freelance job listings every year.

Benefits It has a vast pool of trusted freelancers from all around the globe Allows clients to interview freelancers before hiring Freelancer Freelancer is crowdsourcing, freelance marketplace website which lets clients post jobs that freelancers can bid to complete.

Clients post a wide variety of projects, and freelancers bid in a competitive tender process to secure the jobs.

Benefits Give eight free applications before having to pay a membership fee Has a very cheap commission rate


Guru makes it easier to hire professionals with their freelancing guide.

Helps freelancers create ‘killer profiles’ that are very attractive to potential clients, with a large pool of job postings every day.


Charges only about 9% commission Helps create a good relationship between clients and freelancers


Workana is one of the best platforms for developers, web designers, and majorly techy guys; it also has room for all sorts of experts too.

With Workana, you can meet up with people you know and use your professional networks to get hired.

Benefits Finds businesses and merge them with clients Targets Latin America Talent.


This platform lets you work with a remote team to carry out project works for your business.

You can also browse through thousands of contractors based on different categories like skills, location, etc. it also lets clients ad freelancers discuss on terms.


You work with a team of people instead of just one person, although you can also decide to work as a sole contractor there are no fees nor markups

Freelancer map

Freelancer map majors with IT consultants and other freelancing jobs, connecting businesses or clients with freelancers to work, with 0% commission.

Freelancer map Comprises of over 150,000 experts in over 140 countries.

Benefits zero percent commission fees, which lets you earn more money best place to meet up with IT consultants is the leading platform that lets you find remote jobs with 140 remote companies and also has a functional support team.

Benefits help to find remote jobs It stands as a middleman between companies looking for remote workers and vice versa.


Fiverr is one of the biggest platforms for freelancers and businesses to exchange services.

Fiverr accepts all sorts of freelance activities, IT consultation, photography, writers, etc. each service starts at $5.

Although some services choose their start-up price above the original $5.


services are usually cheap the freelancing pool is global A lot of freelancers use freelancing management tools to organize campaigns and know things that are happening across platforms.

Kanban board helps organize single projects and other marketing-related activities.

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