Social Media Signals

Social Media Signals

By M.Dan | 9 min read

Entire pages have been written about SEO positioning and online promotion but here we will analyze the importance of social signals.

The social actions of the Internet users on your chain of social media platforms (site content, Vimeo or youtube channel, twitter account, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and others) are a quality indicator on them. This can have an extremely important impact on your search engine reference.

SMO and social signals.

A social signal is a social action, therefore carried out on content - alike, a share on Facebook, a retweet, a Google +1 vote, etc. It is a mark of direct interest from the Internet user who emits this signal. Initially, content distribution has two functions - its intrinsic function is to make this content available to people and a community of interest. Sharing this information through social networks helps to increase its visibility and creates virality.

The function of Share of content is also to use social networks as a tool to be better promoted and positioned from the SEO point of view.

Three examples of good social signal types for SEO positioning and Internet promotion:

- Watch on YouTube or Slideshare a presentation directly related to your website.

- a "like" mention on Facebook, a share for a form of content related to your website, a tweet on Twitter or a share on LinkedIn.

- a URL link in any form from a social platform to your website and vice versa.

Among the social signals that have the most direct impact is the backlinks that come from blogs and this without much surprise. This network is directly related to the most used and most used search engine in the world. In second place is also the function of Share from Facebook.

Let's give a concrete example.

If I write an article on my site and it is then shared on various social media such as Facebook or Twitter, these shares will act as a social signal. The more the content becomes more viral, the stronger the signal and the weight in the eyes of search engines. And this signal will be able to influence not only the ranking of this page on my site where the article is located but also the whole website.

Search engines like Google are very smart.

Social signals are a variable that has great importance in Google's eyes. The importance given to these signals is normal and logical. We are in an era where a lot of people spend a lot of time on social media to interact and share their content. So for Google, if a page has a lot of social signals it means that its users really appreciate its content.

This mechanism of social signals works as a whole and can influence each other directly and indirectly.

So the connection between the social signals and the references is more and more concrete and visible. But if you want to take advantage of the impact of social signals you must constantly create quality content for your users. For this, social signals can be a very good quality indicator.

Many Internet users have realized the importance of this mechanism and make the most of it. This is how life platforms have come to life where you can exchange social signals or even buy services in this regard.

I will also put a list of such platforms:



We hope this will help you to reach the desired level of popularity and attract new customers to your business but think before to spend too much of your SEO budget on this and read also.

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