Pros and cons of freelance work

Pros and cons of freelance work

By M.Dan | 5 min read

The popularity of freelancers and freelancing work has grown tremendously over the years, and this has made a lot of people want to transition into the self-employed category. Freelancers are self-employed and work with organizations as independent contractors, and they usually work with several different clients at a time. A lot of people keep their regular jobs and delve into freelancing at the side to raise extra cash for themselves. Before quitting your job and making the transition into the freelance world, you must know the pros and cons of the freelancing business.


Create your schedule  

One of the major attractions of the freelancing job is the fact that you get to create your schedule; you are your boss. It offers you flexibility instead of having to work for specific long hours.

Work remotely

If you calculate the amount of money you spend on transit, to and fro your workplace every day, you would be amazed at the amount of money you spend on transportation alone. Imagine if you could keep all that money to yourself, how much more productive would you be? Freelancing jobs gives you the ability to work remotely from your convenience. 

You are your office

Most freelancers work using a laptop, and as a freelancer, you can walk around, travel, visit friends, or places with your office in your hands. If you get bored at home, you can decide to stroll out and get a cup of coffee while getting a job done.

Choose your project

As a new freelancer, you probably won't want to be picky in accepting jobs, so you can grow and get the scope of it. After some time, when you are used to the new job environment, you start to choose your projects and accept only jobs you’re interested in.


No benefits

As a freelancer, you are not entitled to any form of 'employer' benefits such as health insurance, vacation allowance, wardrobe allowance, and all those other benefits. You must put money together by yourself to enjoy these benefits.


There are times where the workload is inconsistent, those famine times where you feel forgotten, or the work is not coming as regularly anymore. This happens to every freelancer, job inconsistency, and sometimes, heavy workload. It has a very unpredictable nature.

Finding clients

Finding clients can be very difficult, especially for new freelancers. You will need a lot of motivation and consistency to find clients; you might even sell your services at a ridiculously low price just to win over clients and get good reviews so that you can build yourself on the platform. 

No leave

You have no paid time off, no maternity leave, no paternity, no sick leave, nothing. You have no form of vacation, and if you take time off by yourself, you will be losing money every minute that passes by. 

Everything in life comes with its Pros and Cons, and freelancing is not left out. Either way, you should always stress the positivity of a thing rather than looking at the negative sides.

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