Overkilled? Time Management Tips To do more in less time

Overkilled? Time Management Tips To do more in less time

By M.Dan | 7 min read

To be productive and efficient, but also to be successful, time management must become a ritual. We are not talking about a simple list or a vague mental plane with all that we have to do, because we will become incoherent and unbalanced. It has to be an ongoing process, which we follow regardless of what is going on during the day, in order to accomplish the priority things.


Plan your workday

Eighteen minutes spent planning 8 hours of work can save us countless conflicts and help us reach our goals. Follow the plan below and plan your workday!


Use a time tracker software or a piece of paper

Step 1 (5 minutes): Immediately after you start work, before opening your laptop, take a piece of paper or use a time tracker software and decide what will make your day a success. Realistically establish the things you can accomplish that day, according to your goals, allowing you to end the working day knowing that you have had a productive day. Write these things down on the sheet or take a look in the reports section of your soft used.


How to allocate each task

The next step is very important: allocate each task to an hourly interval, placing the most important or difficult things to do at the start of the day. Try to resolve a few just before replying to the email. If the list is too long and you cannot make it before the end of the day, reset the priority of your list. It is very important to decide what and when you will do something. If you want to do something really important, decide when and how you want to do it. Otherwise, remove it from the list.


Analyze your list of task hourly

Step 2 (1 minute every hour): set your clock so that it rings from hour to hour. When you call, relax for a minute, analyze your list and ask if you have been productive and effective in the past hour. Then look at what you need to do in the next hour and commit to making it happen. Manage your day by the hour, don't let time manage you.


Balance your workday

Step 3 (5 minutes): Balance: Turn off your laptop and balance your workday. How was the day? What did you achieve when you were really focused? When did you lose focus and get distracted by your tasks? What are the things you have learned that will help you turn tomorrow into an even more productive experience?


Choose the focal points of your attention

The power of routine lies in its predictability. Always do the same things in the same order, day after day. And, thus, the result is predictable. If you consciously choose the focal points of your attention and if you constantly remember these problems, you will stay focused until the end of the day.


These simple steps will help you leave the office at the end of the day after you reach important goals.

Finally, after performing all of these steps manually or automatically using apps that help you with the time management process, check the reports and you will discover how good your time management skills are. It will identify problem areas and guide you towards the objective: good time management.

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