No Portfolio? No jobs done yet? Learn How to Building one

No Portfolio? No jobs done yet? Learn How to Building one

By M.Dan | 6 min read

So, a question that I get a lot from those who want to start a freelance activity and do not know how to start a portfolio.

Let's see how you can create a portfolio when you start because no one is going to hire you without one.

You don't have a portfolio, but you can't get a portfolio unless you get a job.

It's a bit like an endless cycle.

So, the first piece of advice I want to share when creating a portfolio is that you just want to present the work you have done, which reflects the type of work you want to do. And it may seem obvious, but it's really tempting for you as a freelancer to show all the work you've done because you start to think that the amount of work you've put in is the most important. Obviously, I'm a professional and I know what I'm doing. But you don't want to be everything to everyone with your portfolio. So consider this advice as you go over the other tips for creating your portfolio, because you don't want to list the projects in your portfolio that you will never want.



1. Create a fake project

So, the first thing you can do if you are just getting started and you do not have a job and you do not have a portfolio is to create a fake project. Now, it may not work for all types of freelancers but will work in some cases. For example, in graphic design, you can create as many simulation projects as you want, you can create some logos for a particular industry. Start designing a lot of similar fake logos for fake business and publish them in your portfolio. It's really a great way to just have to work on being displayed in your portfolio, and because they are fake customers, you can do exactly the kind of work you want to do. Like your dream projects. In the beginning, you can also create your portfolio by collaborating with others in your region. So one thing that many people do is very useful to everyone involved is that you can meet some in your area and take a photoshoot. Say you want to be a wedding photographer, you can work with a floral designer at a wedding dress shop in your area.


2. Work together with a pro in your niche

And even then, you are a hairdresser and makeup artist, you can all work together to create such a beautiful shoe and you can be listed as the creator of this shoe. Not only do you get a job for your portfolio. You are all there, but you also promote your mutual business. So it's a win-win for everyone. My next tip is to work for free. And it is also a bit controversial. There are many freelancers that will say they never worked for free in the beginning. Why. How can we hire you if you do not have a job to show. You may not agree with me, but I think the ideal thing is to offer your services to your dream client for free. So, contact a company in your area. It is exactly the company you want to work with and tell them that you will make their site free or any services you offer to make it free at this time. And make sure you do it in one way or another so that you can use the examples of the work from this project on your website in your portfolio, as this is obviously the whole point of it. You do not offer to work for free on a project you would never want to work again.


3. Promote your results

Then, after you actually have some samples of your work, you have to publish and promote that work. Just because you have completed a project or five does not mean that people will necessarily find it. If not, publish it first on a website. And second, post your work on your social networks, especially I think Instagram right now. I have always used square space for my website and I would definitely recommend square space. It is very easy to use. It is accessible. It will give you a professional-looking website without hiring a web designer. And some people now think it's not necessary to have a website, but not because they think it legitimizes your business. So I live in a small town and a lot of people don't have websites for their business yet, because they say it's all in their mouths, but I just think it's such a mistake. Personally, I will be much more likely to hire a company that has a website where I can see their work, portfolio and so on. This makes your business more legitimate and professional.


And you also like I said want to post like crazy on social media because just because you have a Web site with a portfolio doesn't mean that people are going to be clicking through it. Make sure to add your posting on social media that you use the hashtag so that people will actually find your social media account and therefore click through to your Web site. I would recommend doing hashtags for your local area as well as for nationwide or wherever you're watching to work.


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