Need a Link Building Strategy? Fresh 100 Backlink Sites List

Need a Link Building Strategy? Fresh 100 Backlink Sites List

By M.Dan | 23 min read

1) (DA 100) It is one of the most reliable and most used sites in the world, it is therefore specified that your main site receives a link from Facebook. Whenever you are a business or a start-up, you should create a Facebook page.

2) (DA 100) You can't say enough about Twitter. Creating a profile is extremely easy, as is creating a link here. Another massive and popular website is one of the most reliable platforms you will come across.

3) (DA 100) Belonging to Google, the creation of a YouTube channel allows you not only to put 1 backlink on their site but up to 5 backlinks on the page of the channel. It's great for connecting to your website as well as other social networking sites, such as the ones listed in this article.

4) (DA 100) If you are doing SEO consultancy for local clients, each company must create its Google My Business page. What better way to get a link than from Google itself. Make sure you fill out all the information.

5) (DA 100) The most popular website for networking and meeting other business people, it's no wonder it's a 100 domain authority website Millions of people use this start-up site not only to meet other people but also to connect to their own websites.

6) (DA 100) It has entered the scene and has since been an important power in social networking sites. When you create your profile, you can restore your link to the main site as well as verify it. Also, be sure to fix the other sites.

7) (DA 99) One of the most popular social bookmarking sites, Reddit gives you the option of creating a free profile account. The thing here is to bookmark your main site, getting a backlink from a high DA website is not too bad.

8) (DA 98) Another of the most popular social bookmarking sites, Delicious gives you a profile where you can add a description of your business, as well as a great link to the main site.

9) (moved to (DA 98) So far, you can say that social bookmarking sites are not only very popular but also of very high authority. The thing about this site is to add other social profiles to it as well as bookmark the main site, this gives you a number of links.

10) (DA 98) One of the most popular videos sharing sites in the world right behind YouTube, Vimeo is great because it allows you to add a ton of backlinks to your profile, not just because you want to connect to your main site, be sure to add all other profiles as well.

11) (DA 98) Some might call it a Web 2.0, but there is no doubt that Tumblr is a huge power. Create a profile and start adding links to other profiles, it gives you a huge social stack on a major website (belonging to Yahoo is just an added bonus)

12) (DA 97) Now owned by Facebook, Instagram is the main application you have on your smartphone, which helps you add filters to your photos and make them look amazing. At DA 97, create a profile on your phone and be sure to add your backlink to the website.

13) (DA 97) Disqus has come on the scene to be a competitor as the primary comment system on websites such as Wordpress, replacing the default comment system. Your Disqus profile gives you the opportunity to put the link on this great site.

14) (DA 95) This fantastic site for sharing things like your PowerPoint presentations and keynote, Slideshare also allows you to connect to the main site as well as to connect to your Twitter profiles. , Facebook and LinkedIn.

15) (DA 94) One of the most popular online review sites, you can't have a local business without having a Yelp profile. Yelp allows any business to create a free account and create business and trade information, such as the link to the main site.

16) (DA 94) Another of the most important video sharing sites in the world, Dailymotion, similar to what appears on the page of the YouTube channel, you can add 5 other social networking sites, so make sure you add the main site. , as well as 4 other social profiles. It's easy to get backlinks from Dailymotion, just add your YouTube videos to Dailymotion and add links to your site in the description area.


17) (DA 93) Want to get a backlink from this audio sharing site? Well, how about many links! SoundCloud is great for adding many social media profiles, which makes social stacking more powerful.

18) (DA 92) This may not be familiar to you now, but it will be the one you will keep in your arsenal from now on. Behance is an Adobe website that allows creative designers to showcase their work. It also allows you to put more links.

19) (DA 92) This popular social bookmarking site offers you multiple possibilities to connect to your websites, providing a business page as well as a profile page, so you can start bookmarking. all of your social sites and your main site.

20) (DA 92) This large book reading site provides a strong link to a high-level domain authority to redirect the main site or another social profile site to this problem. Scribd is one of those sites that every SEO should use to rank them.

21) (DA 92) This is one of my favourites. Deviantart is a fantastic site that allows creative artists to show their incredible work. The best part is that your profile includes a live link that you can use to point to your site.

DeviantArt is a network created for artists and architects. Submit an art or publish access to the magazine to get a hyperlink returned from the offer. Email verification is required to write a journal entry. Did anyone say the authority of domain 92?

22) (DA 90) As soon as you launch the backlink campaign for yourself or your client site, you should ignore the creation of | personal profile of the home page. A truly organized site that allows you not only to showcase your talents but also to link to many other social properties.

23) Daily motion (DA 89) The latest news, sports, music and entertainment videos on Dailymotion. With this super popular site, which also allows you to place a link to the main site and connect to other properties. social, giving you that extra boost.

24) (DA 88) We all know Moz. We also all know the very popular Open Site Explorer, which above all gives us all these values. But you also knew that your Moz profile is a great place to connect to your website and to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

25) Citysearch (DA 87) This large content cleaning site allows you to log into your website in the details section of your profile. The best thing is that you can tag tons of other websites as well as create that monster page to link to all of your important properties.

26) (DA 86) This is an additional element to your Instagram profile. You see, Iconosquare allows you to get key information about your Instagram account and share it publicly. The other thing to take into account is that your backlink also appears on this page.

27) (DA 86) Whether it's your own agency or a client you work for, you certainly get a company profile here. Not only can you add information such as products, team members and more, you can also get a juicy backlink here.

28) (DA 86) Configuration of your account on - ​​Content cleaning tool | is super easy and gives you the ability to get bookmarks from other social profiles on the site, giving you a powerhouse of stacking monsters. Make sure to add the main site to your profile.

29) (DA 85) I like Instapaper because it is one of the cleanest and most minimalist tools for tagging websites. But beneath this top layer of skin is a super powerful site that gives you the ability to cut all the links.

30) (DA 79) Few people have heard of Wattpad, but for a DA 79, this site is not bad in the end. You see, it's a huge community of readers and writers and it allows you

31) (DA 78) Without a doubt, one of the most popular and best places on the online market for plugins, themes, videos, stock images and more, this site will take you gives a profile page where you can put not only some information about yourself, but also your backlinks.

32) (DA 75) One of the most important contents cleanup websites, think of Rebelmouse as Pinterest. In addition, you add all of your websites and now when you feed Rebelmouse with links, you also pass the juice to other sites.

33) (DA 72) A neat little website that allows you to create a custom profile, setting one up is not that bad, you can use some HTML coding skills to form the content, but once you set it up, can't just add the main site, pop and other links.

34) (DA 72) You can think of Authorstream as Slideshare, a website where you can download presentations, such as PowerPoint or keynote. When you set up your account, enter your link and just create a link to an internal page of the site.

35) (DA 71) Another popular content cleanup site, this one is almost as powerful as Rebelmouse, so be sure to do the same and add all your social profiles and feed this bad boy get some juice of link. flowing in all your properties.

36) Dribbble 

Dribbble is a community of designers and you also need a photo or design image to add and the hyperlink returned from the description section. Use Flaticon and free images to create a fashion designer as photographed in Photoshop.

37) - Share research is the simplest social networking site with the area extension .Edu. Download files, research documents and add external links to the document. Your report will currently be previewed in HTML on the website.

38) Digg 

Digg is a news aggregator and in order to get links from Digg, you will need a nice article associated with completely new news. Digg has not added a tag that they violate since publishers are their predominant content.

39) Imgur 

Imgur is a website that hosts photos and a top-notch offer for free GIFs. Share a photo or GIF on Imgur and upload links to the image description field. You can create an animated GIF from the video and share it on the web page.

40) Flickr 

Flickr is a website that hosts images and videos and is a useful source for obtaining free images for web content. Many blogs and sites use Flickr images for their articles and content and the hyperlink to the author's website. Share some photos on Flickr and add links to the description of the discipline.

You must take in consideration also these websites:

41) Fancy

42) Photobucket

43) MediaFire

44) Dayviews

45) Share, store and print your photos

46) Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more.

47) Soup - Publish, collect, share.

48) Free video clips for your enjoyment

49) Public timeline - The Top Link

50) Kancyl

51) City Guides by Citysearch

52) Local Business Search Made EZ

53) Deals, Quotes, Coupons, Advice from Local Merchants

54) Manta

55) AngelList

56) Build software better, together


58) Online Press Release Distribution Service

59) Business Directory - Free - Paid. Advertise and Market Online

60) Premium Content Creation for Better Marketing

61) Articlesbase

62) Submit Your Contents and Get Massive Exposure

63) Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

64) News for nerds, stuff that matters

65) Newsvine - Get Smarter Here

66) BuzzFeed

67) Official Tickets and Your Source for Live Entertainment


69) DMOZ

70) DMOZ SEO Directory - Submit url to Free SEO Link Directory

71) the front page of the internet

72) - social bookmarking


74) HubSpot | Inbound Marketing, Sales, and Service Software

75) Steemit

76) Gab Social

77) Voat - Have your say


79) Content Marketing Research, Monitoring & Find Top Influencers

80) How to do anything

81) Bech De Kharid Le

82) Estibot


84) Disqus – The Web’s Community of Communities

85) Web Solution Winner

86) BloggingQnA - A Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing Blog


88) Bollywood Song Lyrics






94) Questions Listing | Ask Us

95) DailyScrawl

96) Coursera

97) MDN web docs Mozilla

98) Nature

99) Gravatar

100) Openstreetmap

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