Need Online Content Matrices to Generate Natural Backlinks?

Need Online Content Matrices to Generate Natural Backlinks?

By M.Dan | 9 min read

Do you know what elements of online content that attract backlinks look like?

Without external links, it is impossible to enter the Google ranking.

Links remain the strongest basis for Google ranking.

It is the dream of every webmaster: he designs the content, then clicks on the "publish" button and accumulates natural links.

In fact, to gain links, more effort is needed.

There are certain ways to present the content.

These are called archetypes and represent how the information is structured.

How do you find new article ideas for your blog? Take inspiration from the list of archetypes that generate natural links.

You will be able to create more content, you will gain a lot of links.

Each content model is designed to become a magnetic link.

What is a magnetic link? It is this page on a blog that draws links.

It is much more natural and easier to draw links when you have the right content.

No one will link you to trivial content. You need special content that will grab attention.

Very few are wondering how to place strategic content to collect links.

Gaining links is the most expensive SEO process I know. So learn to develop your content that draws links.

Why do you need links? You need links to increase the authority of your domain.

We start with the first archetype link magnet.


1. Case studies in which statistics on your niche are presented

Case studies are a good reason for a successful article. You can illustrate how you managed to rank for a certain keyword.

In a case study, you can present the process by which you managed to reach no. 1 on Google.

The advantage of these case studies is that they have a completely practical basis. The practical content increases the level of confidence.

Do you know these superficial articles that show how SEO works?

It is a big difference when you present a situation clearly, just as you did to get the first position in Google.


2. Tops with the best articles from the respective field

Human nature is attracted to the best. There is a whole 1st place psychology in general.

Everyone wants to know who is the best. In addition, I want advice from the best.

Want more evidence in this regard? You can check out the free tool provided by Google, the keyword planning tool.

Here, you will be surprised how many keywords contain the phrase "best".


3. The system presented as a successive procedural of the stages

The system is a procedural presentation of certain steps. Basically, the successive stages that work constitute a system.

The system is used to reach a certain point and get results.

The system can also be defined as a procedure from A to Z. In this content category, enter the methodologies that work.

For example, here you can outline a procedural through which you have managed to achieve certain results.


4. The ridiculously long list that offers a variety of solutions

We were all drawn to the extremely long lists. If you were to study the next blog post, would you consider the title as "3 Ways to Increase Your Traffic" or 200 SEO Tips "?

I think that would draw more attention to your second option.

The high values ​​attract a lot of attention.

Want a title that catches your eye? What do you think of "How we made 1,000,000 $ in just 255 days"

The ridiculously long list should contain at least 100 articles.

Well, we are not talking about a limit figure, but the list should automatically contain many items. Only then can it be called "ridiculous" for a long time.


5. Extremely useful stations with detailed information

Surely even you were drawn to such positions. Articles and information to make your life easier.

These are tips that take you through certain aspects step by step. It is the type of information structuring that goes into depth.

Ok, but what are the extremely useful articles? Like the system, it is information that greatly helps the visitor.


4. Online content presented through a visual guide

Editing an article in a visual guide can be a creative SEO alternative.

A visual guide can be more easily perceived by visitors.

The information is structured to be easier to consume.

Images are information that can be consumed much more easily than text. They attract attention more quickly.


6. Free gifts to visitors included in the content

Being in a niche of music production, I studied the content models that attract links.

"Magnetic link" content is a free gift. Many links have sent free audio packages.

Conclusion: Generate content that offers free gifts to visitors. So you can certainly attract many links.

Create content that includes free items for visitors.

Here's exactly how you can do it:

  • identifies a keyword that includes the word "free"
  • builds content around this keyword
  • Be sure to include a free gift
  • promotes the respective page by e-mail to people who have a site exactly in the respective field

Applied correctly, this link building tactic can attract instant links.

My first links were put on a page where I proposed a free soundbank.

What could you offer for free?

I can give this answer depending on the possibilities of your niche. In general, whatever your niche, you can offer a PDF.

Provide a valuable PDF with information that you think might help your visitors.

What can you include in this PDF? A checklist would be a good idea for a beginner.


7. The complete guide containing all the information from A to Z

People want the end result, instantly. Searching for information bits in 100 locations can be a big waste of time.

When all the information is integrated into a complete guide, provide a complete solution.

The complete guide is constructed from sequences of information which cover almost entirely this subject.

If you know this site, you probably know that I offer a free PDF to increase the number of subscribers.


8. An industry study that presents statistics of your niche

Nothing is more practical than an industry study. These are extremely practical works that bring a lot of value.

In addition, an industry study presents actual data, figures and statistics that provide a complete picture of the respective industry.

In my case, I can do a study in the SEO industry.

I must admit that no one can undertake such a study.

I present to you a study presented on Search Engine Land: "The SEO industry has exceeded $ 65 trillion."

Pretty impressive, am I right? Will this figure increase in the coming years?



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