How to earn from blogging? 20 blog monetization strategies

How to earn from blogging? 20 blog monetization strategies

By M.Dan | 14 min read

Many successful bloggers in the online environment have come to think about how to make money with it. Many of them, however, fear that if they try to monetize their blog, they will lose readers because they will lose their credibility. Either way, monetizing your blog can be pretty scary, but you should know that your readers want you to do it.

Let me tell you why. Thanks to the paid articles you write, if you write well, you can help your readers improve their lifestyle or mentality. Even if we are talking about a niche blog that does not have many readers in all categories, your articles will help them to become more informed.

Advertising is not your enemy because, unlike television or radio, on your blog, you can choose which ads to run and which ones do not. You can choose them according to your target audience so that the promoted products also use them.

So let's start with the tips and strategies that will monetize your blog but, at the same time, help your readers.


1. Product reviews

This practice is very simple and effective. If this is a product suited to your niche and you think it can help your readers, reviewing this product is more than recommended. Maybe it's not necessarily products, but books, DVDs, online or offline services, or any other kind of material that can help you and your readers. draw money.

You can perform paid evaluations in two ways: either you are paid directly by the company or the brand you want to evaluate, but beware, in this situation, you do not improve your opinion with anything, because they must appear as honest as possible; or become affiliated with a site or company that you would like to work with or know a lot about. Usually, this practice develops in the long term, so it is more profitable.


2. Google Adsense

This search engine application can become very profitable in a short time, if you enjoy high traffic, you can even collect thousands of euros per month only through advertising. If your readers see the advertising, hundreds will be collected gradually in your account.

To be able to use Google Adsense, you always have to meet two major criteria: having stable traffic, the bigger the better, and having at least 4 to 6 weeks of content. If your site has those qualities, I don't understand what you expect. If you are still at the beginning, start the business and increase the value of your site.


3. Paid blogger

There is also a way to make money with other blogs. You can search for temporary or long term jobs in the niche you know and you can make money by writing on the blog. You can do this in three ways:

Events - If you are attending a known and important event, be the first to report it. This way you can make money in exchange for an honest opinion.

Notice - get your hands on an exclusive product or be the first to test a product in a new range. Write to him and earn money.

Through affiliates - join a brand that needs affiliates and you will have money to receive every time you put new products on the market.


4. Rent advertising space on the blog or in Newsletter

If you have a successful blog, it means that your traffic is high enough and stable. You can turn this traffic into a stable source of money every month. Rent ad space for ads that you think match the specifics of your blog, so that readers don't mind.

If you have a large enough list of readers who have left your email address (perhaps to access a webinar, an ebook, or perhaps a subscription program), it's time to design some of the interesting newsletters to send regularly. Either you promote the things you like, or you let them know which articles you have posted, or you insert part of your article in the newsletter, with the promise that they will find more on your blog.


5. Online courses

Lately, the Udemy platform has become more and more popular and used, so if you don't get tired and are good at what you do, you can create your own online course, which can be sold to a good price.

If you are shy or do not feel good in front of the room, explaining something, you can recompose links to the courses with which you are affiliated, and thus you will receive a percentage of the price paid for the course.


6. Become an Affiliate

The Amazon affiliates program is fairly simple to use. It is also the best way to promote physical products, not just ideas. If, for example, you have a shoe blog, promote the shoe manufacturers found on, using the hyperlink. Just make sure the ads found on your site match the content of your blog.


7. Recommend books

As with the product list, you can recommend the books you have read and liked. Especially if this book can help your readers, so much the better - recommend a useful and interesting read. And here you can use the links to Amazon, or another affiliate link to an online bookstore.


8. Use the blog as a CV

One of the goals that a blog should have is a potential employer. If you are good in your field and this is also seen in your blog, many people will hire you as a freelancer, to write them on the blog, to do webinars or who knows another job is there for you.


9. Create premium content

Not all your readers will have access to this type of content, only to pay a small fee, once or monthly, but make sure your content is of the highest quality, worth it.


10. Write an e-book

If you've read a blog, you certainly know something useful about the area you are writing about. So why not write an e-book, or ebook, as it's called internationally? Make sure you have between 25 and 40 pages, all filled with useful information. Once you're done, you can give it to anyone who signs up for the newsletter or sell it for free. Whatever you choose, your blog will win.


11. Organize webinars

These online seminars can help you make a lot of money, especially if you have something new and useful to bring to your readers. You can talk about anything as long as your information is useful. Like e-books, you can choose to give them, increase your audience, or sell them to anyone interested. If you know the answer to a very popular question in your realm, choose to answer it in a new or personal way and start raising money.


12. Sell webinars forever

Being your content, you can do whatever you want. So why not sell it to those who haven't seen it at launch? Create a purchase button for each webinar you have created. This way, you can collect money through this webinar, even a few years after it is launched. That's pretty simple, right?


13. Create promotional packages

From time to time, it is possible to create promotional packages using your paid hardware. That way, instead of saying that webinar X costs 20$, you add an e-book and a few other products you created, with only 50$. Promotions are always sought after by passionate info mart readers and you will be surprised to see how many buyers you have.


14. Gifts

Although there are really no donations, you can collect grandparents from this source. You can allow readers to subscribe to receive useful newsletters, for a fee, or if you have a more artistic blog, you can even create a "donate" button, which should not be too much effort from readers. € 1 can be enough if your blog has traffic of several thousand people. They will not make any donations, but they will surely raise money.



15. Use Atomyo BlogPost

Atomyo BlogPost is a portal that helps you find other blogs in your niche, whatever it is. It's more than a marketplace, but it works in much the same way. Here you can post questions, answers, or search for blogs similar to yours. This way you can become an affiliate, get sponsored posts, or just do some reliable marketing. If you are entering this marketing platform, you should know that you must first create an audience that you can trust. After that, you will have nothing more to do, because others will do your marketing, almost for free.


16. Provides advice or training

Again, we are talking about your expertise in a particular area. Tutorials and advice can be sold to all those who are interested and will be enough, because the price placed on a property, automatically triggers the real estate institute. So if your product looks interesting enough, it will sell. In addition, the board can make you money in the long run if you have loyal customers.


17. Create a store for yourself

An online store may be something you have never thought of. But with the help of affiliates, you can turn your blog into an online store. This way, provide your readers with the information they need, as well as the products they need. You can sell your products, your affiliates or any product you want as long as these are the right transactions.


18. Sponsored articles

I mean those articles that you paid for, articles that are on other blogs than yours. These are blogs in your niche that I can contact you to post on. However, you should be aware that you are better off looking for those blogs in your niche to offer to publish. Some blogs pay for these articles, others help you increase your audience. However, directly or indirectly, you will get money from it.


19. Sell your website design

Have you created a blog that nobody else has and that collects thousands of readers each month? Then it's time to sell this theme to you. You can use the WordPress or tribe theme for this. Create your own design and collect money!


20. Create a site for members

People like to be members of something, of a group. So why not create a site for a group in your niche (it can be any niche). There, in exchange for the subscription, they can have access to courses, forums, workshops, tutorials or e-books. You will make your site an exclusive group, of which everyone will want to be a part.

You can even rent advertising space in your newsletter, for anyone willing to pay, to reach your readers. You can use Aweber successfully for this.


There comes a point in the life of a blog when you don't know how to enrich it. You have done everything you can, but you have no idea. Right now, you can do three things:

  • Let it die - don't post anything anymore and your blog will lose you in the crowd;
  • Give it to someone with a fresh mind and willing to write;
  • Sell ​​it. This seems to me to be the wisest, because if you've made so much effort to write, at least choose something at the end.

There are sites like Empire Flippers that will help you choose a buyer and a good price for the work so far.


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