How to Sell a Website? Here is how to figure that out

How to Sell a Website? Here is how to figure that out

By M.Dan | 11 min read


You are about to close your online store.

You have worked hard on this e-commerce project that was important to you.

You put all your effort into it and maybe even your savings.

Today, you aspire to other ambitions.

Wanting something else or you made the decision to stop your e-commerce site.

Every year, many electronic marketers have to face this heartbreaking decision to end their electronic business.

And you say you are so ashamed, after so much investment and effort.


But if I told you that instead of closing your site, could you sell it?

Better to earn a few hundred or thousands of dollars from reselling your site, rather than closing it without making a profit, right?

All your efforts have value. The popularity of your site, its natural references, customer base, ...

Therefore, from the sale of your website, you will be able to earn a certain amount. And this is equally true of a successful website.

Indeed, tell yourself that anyone who wants to get into online sales has every interest in doing so with a site already ready.

In this article, I will explain all the tricks of selling a website. What are the advantages of selling and buying? How to define the selling price of your site? How to resell your site or online store?

And I will especially give you a good 100% free plan to put your site up for sale, as well as a simple tool to evaluate the value of the site.


Why should I sell your site? Advantages for the seller

You simply don't think about it, but your online store and the work you've done on it are valuable.

And this is equally true for both a retail store and a store where there was no order yet.

So if you want to close your e-commerce site, rather than abandon it, it is in your best interest to put it up for sale to earn money and get the fruits of your work.

You have nothing to lose. On the contrary! You really have everything to gain!

You are going to ask me ...

What would be the benefits of purchasing a website that has not made sales so far?


Why someone buys a website? Benefits for the buyer

And yet, anyone who wants to start trading online and selling on the Internet has a keen interest in doing so with a ready-made website.

Imagine the time saved by the fact that you do not have to create a new site from A to Z. Start right away, without going through the step of creating the site, setting up the store, etc.

Above all, even if the sales site has made little or no sales, it already contains editorial content and interesting history for its natural references. The name of the site can already be known by several people.

Therefore, it is the subject of more or less important popularity, which will be beneficial to the buyer.

These are real assets.


Attention, however, the hue is in the nature of the acquisition, depending on the success of the site to be sold:

  • If you buy an e-commerce store that already has a certain turnover, it's like buying a business.
  • If you buy a site with only design and editorial content, without SEO or real sales, it's like buying a raw communication tool.

Of course, the second option will necessarily be cheaper. Buying such a site saves you time, but does not guarantee anything in terms of the result.


How much does an internet sales site cost? This is the most delicate question.

It is very difficult to define the exact value of a site, as the evaluation criteria are numerous and, above all, subjective.

And it's even more complicated when it comes to e-commerce.

Here is all the information that will help you buy or sell a website in the best conditions.

There is no better method than another. Each site should be considered as a specific case.

Here, I will give you some tips that will allow you to set the price of your online store.

First of all, from the buyer, how do you evaluate whether the price of a shop window or an e-commerce site is correct?

You simply have to ask yourself how much it would cost you to do without it. For example, how much it would cost you to create your site, configure it, write its content, refer to it, either alone or through an independent agency ...

In general, a site without sales and without a customer base is located in a price range between 500 and 3,000 euros.


Here are the general parameters that are taken into account when estimating the value of its website:

  • Nature of the site: presentation sites or e-commerce site
  • present
  • return
  • Growth potential
  • Easy maintenance
  • Let's get into the details ...


As you can understand, it is first of all to appreciate the existence and then to project yourself into its development potential. This is achieved through the following:


Content quality:

The topic is well targeted (neither too general nor confidential?)

Is the content written?

Is the content effective for SEO?

Is the content updated? How easy is the upgrade?

Is the content timeless? The question is whether it remains relevant over time.


Website attendance, development and performance over time:

  • The number of unique visitors, a base.
  • Is the visitor profile consistent? Is it possible to be interested in a very specific offer?
  • Are natural traffic sources solid and varied (organic search engine traffic, direct traffic attesting to the popularity of the site, social traffic or referral traffic with inbound links ...)? Diversity of traffic sources reduces the risk of reliance on a single procurement lever.
  • Is the site already well referenced?
  • Does the site have the appropriate technical conditions to be optimized in the natural SEO references on computer and mobile?
  • Is website traffic growing fast?
  • Is the conversion rate high? This will attest to several advantages: efficient ergonomics of the site, the adequacy of the offer, the potential of the market, etc.
  • Is the loyalty rate significant? Is it easy to build customer loyalty or should we continually focus on acquiring new customers?
  • Buying power: A site will be more appreciated if its visitors have significant purchasing power. To verify this, rely on the average amount of the basket.


Site reputation, brand image and reputation

  • Visitor satisfaction through reviews, testimonials and distribution on social networks.
  • The completeness of the information provided to visitors: are the contact details detailed so that they can be contacted and monitored in time?
  • Is there a real community? Do users interact with each other on the site or on social networks?
  • Is the type of income varied and sustainable? It comes only from the online store or also from third-party services, advertising partnerships, etc. ?
  • Will the site continue to make sales if the manager changes? For example, a blog is a site that is highly dependent on the image of its manager. This is also the case for a brand where the manager is highly represented.
  • Is the site robust and scalable?


Revenue generated by the website:

  • Are the value of the turnover, the margin rate on the products sold, as well as the profits high?
  • Site profitability?
  • Are the costs of maintenance, marketing and communication reduced? Is the time required to maintain the site short?
  • The characteristics of the company
  • Competition: Who are the existing competitors? Does the site have a competitive position? Is it based on a niche?
  • Are suppliers strong and adequate?
  • Can the distribution be improved?


An obligation: Create an awarded contract

Even if it is an intangible product, the sale of a site must be the subject of a contract of sale in good and proper form.


The essentials to find are:

  • the name of the buyer and the seller
  • transfer price
  • the operating methods of the site
  • clauses relating to copyright protection, rights conferred
  • signature of both parties


Also, be sure to negotiate the after-sales details:

  • A minimum non-compete clause for the next 3 years
  • Signing articles on the blog
  • Keeping links in content that are important to you


You know everything! Now how do you sell your site?


As I announced in the introduction, here's a good, 100% free plan to place your ad for sale on your website and find potential buyers.

With Atomyo, we launched the website marketplace, so that the buyer and seller can receive good deals!

The site has great potential, especially for the visibility of your ad.

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