How can a site structure help you better position yourself in Google?

How can a site structure help you better position yourself in Google?

By M.Dan | 4 min read

The best time when the structure of a site can be placed on paper is in the period before the development of the site. Architecture is the starting point for structuring information on your site, but also for researching keywords. If you have a well-defined structure, you will know exactly which keywords you want to rank. You will know that on the first level pages you will have keywords and that on the lower level pages you will have long tails. Everything will only make sense if you have a well-defined structure that Google will easily understand.


1. Organization of keywords

Keyword research is a very important step to start optimizing a site from an SEO perspective. The structure of the site will give you a very clear note on the keywords on which you will focus. Depending on your level, the keywords will be head keywords (long words with a high search volume) or long-tail keywords (long keywords, with a volume lower than the head keywords and which convert better). It is important to select them carefully and as completely as possible.


2. Organization of information

As I said above, organizing information will be much easier once we have the structure of the site.

In the case of an online store, you will know exactly what the categories and subcategories will be, what products are part of a certain structure and what texts we will add to the page.


3. Creation of internal links

The creation of internal links is an important step through which the "link juice" (propagation authority and value from one link to another) is transferred from one page to another. It will be transferred between pages that talk about the same subject, for example, from the main category to the subcategories, and vice versa.


4. Organize the breadcrumb

Breadcrumbs is more precisely a navigation diagram which indicates where a user is. The term comes from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, a fairy tale in which the two children sprayed accessories to know the way home. Exactly the same thing happens with the breadcrumb trail of a site. It shows you all the way, from home to the category you are in. (Home> Category> Sub-category)

In this case, if we didn't have a well-defined structure, the breadcrumb would not make sense at all.


5. Improve the exploration budget

The exploration budget is the period that Google invests to explore your site. It is possible that one day Google will see 10% of your pages and another day 60%. The goal is for the entire site to be viewed by Google and for important pages to be crawled and taken in the viewfinder. In addition to many other ways to get a larger exploration budget, the structure of the site plays a very important role.

In addition to these four major SEO aspects, good site structuring will help potential buyers navigate the site easily.


Whether you are in the site development phase, or you already have a site and want more, it achieves a logical structure that any search engine wants to achieve.


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