Grow Youtube Income? 3 alternatives to make money using YouTube

Grow Youtube Income? 3 alternatives to make money using YouTube

By M.Dan | 5 min read

I decided to make this article to tell you a little bit about the number of views per day that you have to earn on YouTube, for a decent income, from advertising. In addition, I'm finally going to give you 3 alternatives to make money using YouTube.


How YouTube Advertising Works

You should know that advertising on YouTube will depend on your industry, for example, if you are creating a YouTube channel and you are in the video games field, you will suddenly have advertisements that will be in the video games field.

How you earn YouTube views will depend on your industry. Is a report that was done with an average of many Youtubers, YouTube is the one who launched it and on average they won 50 cents per 1000 views.

We can deduce that if we earn 50 cents for 1000 views and we want to earn $ 100 a day, we just have to make 200,000 views a day, 200,000 views are huge. My YouTube channel age is 1 year and 5 months and I have barely 150,000 views, which would mean that in a year and a half, I would have earned the equivalent of € 75 from advertising.

Why does YouTube pay its creators so little? First of all, let's remember that this is the YouTube platform and that it has no responsibility to pay its creators. But he still chooses to do it. You should also keep in mind that there is a lot of practical money from advertisers before they reach you. It starts with consumers, who pay the advertiser, who then pays YouTube, who finally pays the creator. After all, there is not much money left. So what can creators do to quickly use YouTube to create sustainable income?


Alternatives to make money using YouTube

Affiliate Marketing

It's one of the most popular ways to make money on YouTube - Affiliate Marketing where you sell other people's products and make a small commission for each item or service you sell via a special URL linked to Your Account While many companies have affiliate programs for which you can make a commission, one of the simplest and most popular programs is Amazon's Associates program with a 4% commission.

When you sign up for the Amazon program, you will be redirected to your portal where you can search for virtually any item on the Amazon market. Then create a special link for this product. All you have to do is make a video that highlights a product you like and then tell viewers to click on the link in the description if they are interested.


Sale of own products

Affiliate programs like Amazon will give us a higher percentage of short term sales. But what if we wanted to make 100% of the income and have total control over the money that came? To do this, we have to sell our own products.

For example, suppose you do a mini online training program that you sell for $ 50. You just need to make a video, and at the end of the video, you have a review for your program. At 1,000 views on this video, YouTube AdSense will pay around $ 1. But if you could only convince 0.5% of your audience to buy your course or program, you would earn a total income of $ 250. Therefore, it does not take many people to buy your product to make more money.



Uploading videos and hoping they are the best is not enough. After gradually reaching your target audience, periodically choose to provide consultancy services to your viewers.

In my experience, many creators who start out on YouTube think they only have to download videos, get as many views as possible, and let the compensation go up. This is only valid if you want to earn unsustainable passive income from your videos. If you are looking to develop a brand and a business, make sure you are on the right track. And it's not good at all. Remember, however, that the only way in which each of these ways of earning extra income - via YouTube, will be effective unless you do something qualitative. The money will come naturally, in a long time, but that's for sure!


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