First of all you have to ask yourself why do you need likes

First of all you have to ask yourself why do you need likes

By M.Dan | 13 min read

First of all, you have to ask yourself why do you need likes?


The ones who give "like, share, comments" to your page are the people who will be your future customers, people who have a real interest in your business or what you have to say. They are leads for your business and are worth all the effort (money and time) for their commitment because if you know how to apply clever Facebook promotion strategies, these likes are transformed into customers. Permanent customers!


With only one condition: only "original" fans have real intrinsic value to your business!

The bad part about the likes you buy is that the fans will not have a real interest in your business and they will certainly not be receptive regardless of your actions on the page (because they are not interested in the topic, obviously). Our recommendation is to build communities organically. Of course, this means more time and more work, but it will result in a mass of quality fans who have greater value for your business.


Why buying fans is not recommended

  • Your "new" fans will have no interest in your business and your messages

Very few will interact or want to get involved in your activities and implicitly you will only be fooled by the search engine robots that are becoming more and more intelligent in detecting these fake factors.

  • The moment of buying fans is obvious and a competitor will immediately notice the "explosion" of your community. Real fans will also notice and everything will materialize in a loss of brand confidence and a dilution of real fans. Therefore it is advisable not to take advantage of these excess mechanisms at all.

  • Buying communities is often a matter of ethics and trust and it certainly won't help you much to build a reputation in your area of ​​expertise.

  • Buying fans in an exaggerated amount and in a short time will position you as an amateur in your field, signalling to everyone that you have no idea what you are doing. However, if you want to resort to these mechanisms too, be cautious and do so with constant small amounts and over a longer period of time of the months.

  • It destroys your part of SEO - lately, search engines place a huge price on "social signals" when they decide on indexing a website. Google & co. I value the original communities and the sudden increase in the number of fans only raises a big red flag, so again I say that you must be pleased.


You lose the fans interested in your business.

Algorithms notice the unnatural increase in the number of fans. The distribution of your posts will decrease and those real fans will no longer be "touched" on newsfeed by your posts. Keep in mind that real fans can not be less than those bought.

In order to better understand the value of the purchased fans, we need to see where they are delivered.


How do the companies that deal with these fans deliver?

There are several methods:

  • From platforms like addmefast.There, for every like you give a page you get a like back. There is also a Mozilla extension that uses a macro function, which, within the site, gives unlimited likes. Obviously, the platform will return the likes you gave back. But how? Exactly the same. And that is why sometimes fake accounts are used that either will be deleted sooner or later by Facebook or do not have interaction because there is no one behind them. You need to stay away from such platforms and look carefully where you are getting social signals if you decide to do so.

  • From "like-gate" sites. Generally online movie sites or games that in order to access the content you have to give "like". Obviously, that like button is changed periodically depending on the page for which you want to accumulate likes. Moreover, these users do not even know which pages they like.


Those are only 2 of the methods used, obviously, there are many others but I think it is enough to understand the value of the likes bought.

The natural growth of the community gives you real and long term benefits while the artificial one by buying signals will bring you some impulses at the beginning of the road.


Our advice:

Develop a natural and faithful community by publishing quality content. Commitment and growth will come by itself. Not only will you enjoy fans who are very interested in your business but all the effort will materialize in money - your fans will become your customers. All this applies to other social platforms such as Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest ...


If you want a quality community, engaging and with a real interest for your business, which will ultimately materialize in a community of clients for you so that you do not rely solely on social media signals bought and not in a very large quantity.


M. Dan

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