Do you know what mini-jobs mean? Or how much you can earn?

Do you know what mini-jobs mean? Or how much you can earn?

By M.Dan | 3 min read

If you spend more money than you earn in a month, if the financial problems persist, it is clear that you must find a solution to earn more money.

You can try to get a raise, look for a better paying job, or even work in two different places. But now you have another option, which is very popular in some countries and which has also entered Romania: mini-jobs.


What mini-jobs mean

As the name suggests, mini-jobs are small tasks that can be done during leisure time. They do not provide a constant income and it is difficult to make a living from this, but it does offer additional income which can happily supplement the monthly salary or a small pension.

Work of this type is generally very rapid, the system being advantageous for both parties. Let's say someone needs a short translation, just a few paragraphs. You could call a translator or a specialist company, but that would mean a lot of time and money. With a mini-jobs, the translation can be completed in a few minutes. The customer solves their problem, and you choose with a small amount of money without much effort.



An advantage of these jobs is that you can use them to practice your skills, prepare for the future job, but it also gives you the opportunity to earn money for certain activities that you do by passion anyway. Examples include writing texts, IT tasks, translations, graphic projects and more.

Microbes can be divided into several types. The most numerous are online, where everything happens in the virtual environment. However, there are some who need to be satisfied in the real world, for example, some customers need someone to gather information, research the market or pay a bill on their behalf. Team projects are a separate category from online projects when a large number of employees are hired to work together, each responsible for part of the job. Other special cases include filling out questionnaires or testing programs, games or websites.


What do you need

To get started, you need a computer connected to the Internet and a valid email address. You will find the tasks on specialized, Romanian and international platforms. All you have to do is register and specify your skills, then you can start bidding for jobs. Ideally, you should finish as long as possible in the shortest possible time, but remember that quality is also important, good customer reviews will help you earn more in the future.


How much you can earn by Microworker?

It depends on some point, like:

  • Success rate
  • The country you are verified also living
  • Internet speed
  • Working speed
  • Experie...



As I said, microbreweries are gaining popularity and some experts even think that they will become a real competition for conventional forms of work.

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