6 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips (That You Need To know Before You start)

6 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips (That You Need To know Before You start)

By M.Dan | 4 min read

Who doesn’t use social media platforms nowadays? The answer is almost none! Social media is slowly creeping into everyone’s life. It became part of our daily life. So, would social media ever help you market your products? Yes. It’s considered an enormous network to acquire clients and target different audiences. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others include many active members daily. Thus, think smart, dream big and follow the smart social media marketing tactics and get it right.


Layout your goals and objectives

Firstly, you need to set a solid plan and objectives. Don’t lead an aimless business. You will achieve nothing if you don’t know what you want. You need measurable and powerful goals to start with. According to a study, you are more likely to succeed, if you write down 30 goals. So, target some attainable aims or goals and then break them down into small actions. Attainable goals need to be “SMART”, paralleled with the marketing strategy and numbered.

Research and learn about your audience

If you want a profitable business, you need to be engaged and connected with your audience. You need to understand your audiences’ needs and desires for long-lasting successful marketing. This could be done through surveys, forums, responding to all comments on social media channels and collecting feedback.


3- Craft your social media content carefully

Out each piece of content, you post on social media channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest have different purposes, so you need to study each one before you post anything. Once you learn about the purpose of each, you will match the best one to your marketing needs. Address your audience, use snappy hooks to start your posts and try different copywriting techniques.


4- Take advantage of video content in your strategy

It seems that "Facebook Live Videos" appear to be a successful trend nowadays. It allows you to authentically and directly connect to your audience. You will gain their trust as they will see the business owner himself caring, answering questions, looking for their needs.


5- Create mind-blowing images

Target your audience’s eyes, so it’s a top priority to design or post catchy images. You can utilize tools. Creating impressive graphics could help in the platform and social media network posts. Let it be eye-catching ones.


6- Use the right tools

Using the different provided tools will increase the strength of your social media marketing strategies. Think of the best automation tools to meet the different needs and requirements. Choosing suitable tools will help you optimize your social media marketing strategy.



In general, although social media marketing seems to be a hard job to do, it's tremendously rewarding. It's a high-income skill to learn and have that has huge benefits. Furthermore, it's a golden field that is growing quickly and providing valuable tools to business owners. 

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