30 Tips For A Beginner Blogger - learn to do a better blogging

30 Tips For A Beginner Blogger - learn to do a better blogging

By M.Dan | 22 min read

1. Content is more important than design.

Don't base your blog on catchy design unless you have useful, interesting, attractive content. And that can be learned. Choose a nice look, a quality logo (see also the article on how to make logos for bloggers) and that's enough for the moment.


2. Don't focus on monetization if you haven't posted anything on the site.

Honestly, how likely are you to make money if you didn't give anything?


3. Learn how to write a title in a reasonably attractive way.

Ideas are also in the list of books for bloggers. Read what you wrote, aloud. That's before publishing the article. If it doesn't sound right, rewrite the sentence. Rewrite the article until you are satisfied. This usually means rewriting it a few times. When you think it's good, publish it. There may be mistakes, you can correct them later. It doesn't have to be perfect either.


4. Work daily on your blog.

There's no need to write daily. There are other tasks you can handle.


5. How often can you write?

Make a schedule and stick to it (it should be at least 2 times a week. Better two articles a week to keep, than writing one daily for 10 days, then disappearing for the next two months. Readers will notice your disappearance.


6. Don't ask other bloggers for backlinks if you haven't posted anything on the site.

And it bothers me when I receive such requests. I recommend that you ask for links from blogs that are on a similar level to you. Although I think it would be best to focus on writing content.


7. Don't grab other bloggers or influencers to share your articles.

Rather, you can ask them for their opinion on your articles, ask them to give you an interview, etc. However, if you plan to send them emails to each article asking them to promote it, you risk creating a negative image. Plus that at some point they will stop helping you.


8. Don't rely on traffic gifted by another blogger (or more).

Even if another blogger or influencer is helping you, don't rely on your blog for it. I repeat: the only way to create a blog is to write content (articles) and strive to make it better.


9. What do you want to write about?

Define topics you will approach and choose them as blog categories. Follow this strategy. If you have a blog about photography it is stupid to write about couple relationships and cat care and PHP programming. Decide which niche you want to approach. When you feel that you are no longer satisfied with it, they change the direction of the blog but do so consciously.


10. Do not overdo it with the share on Facebook.

If you share your articles on all Facebook pages, groups and the profile of the friends you have, you will become overwhelming. Don't be naive, this will not bring you visitors, but you will only create a negative image. The exception is if you are very popular on Facebook.


11. Don't spam email.

If someone has not subscribed to your blog, DO NOT SEND IT ARTICLES ON EMAIL.


12. Help other influencers and bloggers.

Share them on articles if they are good, like, tweet or leave a comment. Gradually you will thus be noticed. Be careful not to go to the other side. 

Don't become a pupil.


13. Don't open five blogs at once.

Start one, choose a name that makes sense and build it. When it's big enough, you can start another project. Being a blogger at the same time on 5 blogs is not easy. You will break yourself into too many pieces and risk doing nothing right.


14. Get in touch with other bloggers.

It's called networking. See at what events they are present and appear there. Make connections with them. Target those in your niche in particular.


15. Respect your readers.

If you promise them something (for example, you will write every day for a month) keep your promise. Or tell them you didn't succeed and decided to give up. 

Don't take them for granted, ignoring the promise you made to them.


16. Invest in the blog.

At first only time and energy. As you allow yourself it will be necessary to invest money.


17. Make yourself a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.


18. Make yourself a Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategy.


19. Become visible both online and offline.

Get involved in online projects and communities to ensure your visibility and exposure.


20. Do not leave spam comments to others on the blog.

I recommend the blog commenting policy from me for ideas.


21. Don't let your blog be just a collection of separate articles.

Put links between your articles where possible.


22. Optimize your blog to keep your readers on it.

On this side, I worked mainly on the literary style and focus on the most useful content. There are hundreds of ways to optimize your readers' experience.


23. Blogging is not a democracy.

There are no same rights between everyone involved. YOU have more responsibilities. If we are to make an analogy, the blog is rather a dictatorship. When someone exceeds the measure it is your duty to intervene.


24. Don't rely on your blog to live.

It is unlikely that you will do this for a long time, so make sure you have some sources of income. You can make money from the blog, but it takes until you raise it. 


25. Periodically choose a day to do only administrative tasks.

I usually do this every Thursday and it consists of tasks such as: replacing non-functional links in articles, backup and database optimization, rewriting old articles, inserting links in articles (for example you take the last article and see where in the older articles i - you could put a link).


26. A blog needs time to grow.

Here's what growth has been like for me over the past 18 months

Learn from the best - Whatever your blog is, it's essential to subscribe to a blog from which to learn techniques to become a better blogger.


27. Analyze other blogs in your niche and see what topics are covered and where you find "informational gaps" as I like to call them


28. Pay attention to who you promote.

Even if you have the opportunity to receive some traffic instead. If you do not resonate with that blogger's online writing style or personality, it is very likely that your loyal readers will not resonate and have a minus on their side for the unhappy association.


29. Keep sentences short and concise You certainly do not want to bore or tired your readers


30. As you know probably, the blog has a long time and has not grown at all. No significant result was visible.

There is a period (in my case over a year) in which I had no results. Most bloggers give up on this period, disappointed that they don't see immediate results: traffic, comments on the site, likes, etc. Unfortunately, they do not come immediately (unless you already have a very good online reputation).


I still believe that blogs (personal development blog or any other niche) are a very good tool and should be used widely. But it has to be approached like anything else: with a lot of work. In time the results will come, no matter how beginner a blogger you are.

M. Dan

Passionate about freelancing, programming, SEO, communities, blogging, trips and parties.

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